Eurocup 2008 / 2009: Zadar - Unics 93 : 91 ( 65 : 65 ) ( 41 : 42 ) ( 25 : 19 )

Zadar played shorthanded, but still managed to put together an excellent game and after a win by Benetton in Istanbul
it looks like it will come down to a three way fight for that second spot ( Zadar, Turk Telekom and Unics ).

Early, Zadar was led by Ivanov who finished the first quarter with 8 points and 6 boards. At the start of the second quarter
Zadar score the first 4 points to take a 10 point lead at 29 : 19. Excellent shooting and offensive play of Zadar was undermined by
a poor defensive rebounding which allowed Unics ( mainly Loncar ) too many second chances, and by the halftime Unics
managed to come back and even take a lead.

Second half started with 2 threes by Rancic, then a few minutes later after another three by Stipcevic, Zadar had
a decent lead at 54 : 46. But, again it was those offensive rebounds by Loncar that allowed Unics to come back and
after a couple of threes by Popovic, we enter the final period tied at 65.

Unics starts better in the final quarter and leads 69 : 65. Juby answers with a three, and the game remains close until the final minute. After a couple of threes by Stipcevic it was 85 : 81, then Gecevski scores to give Zadar a six point lead at 87 : 81.

Unic threathens with a three of their own, but after that they had to foul 4 times just to get to the bonus, and then
Stipcevic was calm and made all of his 4 free throws until the end and there was nothing Unics could do.
The three in the final seconds made it a 2 instead of a 5 point loss, which may help them if they finish this round with the
same number of points as Zadar.

Ivanov 15 points, 10 rebounds, Gecevski 17 points, Stipcevic 19, Rancic 13, Peric 9, Juby i Prostran 7 each, Ruzic 6.

Attendance: 3000